From: YouTube on Mon, May 30 2011 4:03 PM
Lindsey Jacobellis astatine Raika Studio
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From: YouTube on Mon, May 30 2011 3:45 PM
American snowboardcross rider Lindsey Jacobellis - A immense favorite for gold - wiped out during a semi-final run in Vancouver, eliminating her from medal contention. (Feb. 16)
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From: YouTube on Mon, May 30 2011 3:31 PM for more car videos. X Games motox champion Ronnie Renner, wintertime XGames snowboard x champion Lindsey Jacobellis, importation exemplary Alicia Whitten and friends pass a day astatine Infineon Raceway for A full twenty-four hours at the Jim Russell Racing Drivers School cavalrym...
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From: YouTube on Mon, May 30 2011 2:36 PM
We’re two days from the women's finals astatine the Visa Snowboardcross Cup in Telluride, CO. Take a infinitesimal to get to know Lindsey Jacobellis, a top contender in this Friday's race!
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From: YouTube on Mon, May 30 2011 1:13 PM
Lindsey Jacobellis dominates the ten course and coasts to another Gold decoration astatine Winter X Games fifteen completing a four-peat.
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From: YouTube on Mon, May 30 2011 12:40 PM
Watch one of the world’s top riders acquire behind the wheel of A Snow Cat and help bridegroom her home mountain for the day.
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From: YouTube on Mon, May 30 2011 12:24 PM
Another video of Lindsey the great choking.
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From: YouTube on Mon, May 02 2011 4:39 PM
3 linked LCD displays for Bolle Eyewear’s array of winter sports tradeshows.
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From: Vimeo on Fri, Apr 29 2011 5:28 AM
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From: YouTube on Tue, Apr 05 2011 4:32 PM
A day of riding with Stratton’s own Olympian Lindsey Jacobellis. Produced by Lyndsay Strange.
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From: metacafe on Sat, Mar 12 2011 2:06 PM
As you know, kids arenâ??t as active as they used to be. In a big effort to encourage youth to find interest in sports again, the IOC is launching this challenge to offer a once in a lifetime opportunity for kids to compete against some of the most iconic athletic figures of this generation. And...
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From: metacafe on Sun, Mar 06 2011 8:42 AM
2011, La Molina, Spain, FIS Snowboard Cross World Championship, American Jacobellis wins her third champions (2005, 2007, 2010), Nelly Moenne loccoz (FRA) and Dominique Maltais (CAN) were 2nd and 3rd. (Watch the full event at
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From: YouTube on Sun, Feb 20 2011 4:45 AM
It was a gnarly course that took its toll on the competition as the Sprint US Snowboard Grand Prix made a stop in Park City for the US National Championships. MUSIC by General Harrison
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From: YouTube on Sat, Feb 19 2011 10:00 AM
Snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis signs for JG Autographs, Inc. Autographs available at
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From: YouTube on Tue, Feb 15 2011 10:23 PM
The Canyons hosted the USSA National Championship Snowboard Cross Grand Prix this year. The course was built on Doc’s run, which made for a perfect venue. Athletes were challenged by the aggresive berms and obstacles on course, while spectators gathered below on Ski Beach to watch the race. Here...
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From: YouTube on Mon, Jan 31 2011 6:02 PM
Lindsey Jacobellis Sammy carlson Bobby Brown Alex schlopy Henshaw Ambuhl Jacob Weaster Kenworthy
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From: TV Guide on Mon, Jan 31 2011 3:07 AM
ESPN Video: Lindsey broke away from the field early and cruised to her fourth straight victory.
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From: YouTube on Sun, Jan 30 2011 11:00 AM
Lindsey Jacobelis bears his name next to a snowboarder in the history of domination x, seven gold medals at a competition in which the route becomes more difficult each year. In 2011, his leadership began in the same place as in 2010, that means at the start. Lindsey won handily winning a fourth...
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From: iTunes on Tue, Jan 25 2011 2:04 AM
Some of the biggest names at Winter X Games 13 put on quite a show when riding their snowboard. Host Sal Masekela shows us the greatness that is Shaun White, Kevin Pearce, Torah Bright, Kelly Clark, Torstein Horgmo, Travis Rice, Lindsey Jacobellis and Nate Holland.
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From: YouTube on Tue, Jan 11 2011 6:24 AM
2006 Winter Olympics Medals: Marlies Schild, Markku Uusipaavalniemi, Kalle Kiiskinen, Teemu Salo, Jani Sullanmaa, Markku Koski, Mark Tuitert, Marit Bjørgen, Mario Stecher, Marianne Timmer, Magnus Moan, Magnus Moan, Lukáš Bauer, Lindsey Jacobellis, Lina Andersson, Anna Dahlberg, Lilia Efremova, L...
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