From: ClipSyndicate on Sat, Jun 18 2011 11:33 PM
Clarence Clemons, the saxophonist in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, whose ability to play an instrument with such grace and soul and his brotherly relationship with Springsteen, died Saturday at a hospital in Palm Beach, Fla. Clemons was 69.
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From: Yahoo! News on Sat, Jun 18 2011 10:57 PM
A spokeswoman for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band says saxophone player Clarence Clemons has died. The 69-year-old musician was hospitalized about a week ago after suffering a stroke at his…
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From: ClipSyndicate on Wed, Jun 15 2011 5:19 PM
Bruce Springsteen issued his first comments about his band mate Clarence Clemons’ stroke. Earlier reports claimed the stroke left Clemons partially paralyzed. The 69-year-old had recently undergone spinal surgery and had both of his knees replaced. In February, the legendary saxophone player t...
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From: XFINITY TV on Wed, Jun 15 2011 3:52 AM
Two wacky guys find both romance and fortune in the hamburger business in this comedy. Augie (Clark Brandon) and Drew (Randal Patrick) are a pair of longtime students at Hopkins University who’ve been making a living by pulling one semi-legal scam after another for years, but one day the dean (J...
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From: CBS ShowBuzz on Mon, Jun 13 2011 11:33 AM
Clarence Clemons, the 69-year-old saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band since 1970, suffered a stroke at his home in Fla. Jeff Glor reports.
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From: Vimeo on Thu, Jun 09 2011 2:34 AM
Bruce Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town broke new ground for The Boss in 1978. A counterpoint to the operatic elegance of Born to Run, the album was an angry, raw record that burst forth after a three-year hiatus. Because of its darker tones, some might call Darkness a difficul...
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From: MSNBC on Tue, Jun 07 2011 10:00 AM
Mo' Joe: TV host Larry King joins Morning Joe to discuss his new book, his distinguished career in radio and television, meeting with Nelson Mandela and former South African President F.W. de Klerk separately but on the same day, and how he never managed to interview Bruce Springsteen on hi...
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This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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dancing in the dark,bruce springsteen. music belongs to bruce springsteen,/colubia. no copy right theft was intended.
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Bedrock, Rap, Meet, The, Flintstones, in, style, of, 'Bruce, Springsteen'
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Artist:Leo Bennink ( Vocal Version coming soon ) Music By:Leo Bennink Recorded : 5-6-2011Produced and mixed By:Leo Bennink all instruments :Leo Bennink ''NEW'',Download Leo Bennink Albums, Tracks and Songs,on the''ITUNES''store Th...
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From: YouTube on Sun, Jun 05 2011 3:34 PM
Upon Request!! Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - The Promise at The Boston Music Hall in Boston MA on May 31/1978 THE PROMISE [Spoken:] This is eh, this is called "The Promise". Well, Johnny works in a factory and Billy works downtown Terry works in a rock and roll band lookin' for th...
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economics, project, songs, of, the, economy, dire, straits, notorious, big, tina, turner, pink, floyd, ac/dc, acdc, billy, joel, ojays, o’jays, kenny, rodgers, rem, abba, rush, bruce, springsteen, who, clash, steve, miller, band, allman, borthers
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more info @ and
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Lyrics: Thanks for checking out our videos and site!
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What really happened All copyrights for original video and audio soundtracks goes to the original owner.
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SEASON FINALE: The Final Countdown Can Dominic survive in a foreign country WITH JUST A PC? Follow Dominic on Facebook. FACEBOOK: Dominic- Will He DOorDie? Twitter: @DODTeamDominion Starring: Dominic McDowell Directed and Cinematography by: Simon Raymond Edited by: Simon Raymond Thanks for Watching
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From: YouTube on Fri, Jun 03 2011 11:43 PM
Back in the days of 33 1/3 RPM vinyl records, a DJ named "Uncle Bob", from WQQQ (Q-100) in Easton, PA, deliberately played Bruce Springsteen’s "I'm On Fire" at 45 RPM. It sounded like Dolly parton. I recreated the same experiment with an audio editor.
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me singing
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From: lovefilm on Fri, Jun 03 2011 7:04 AM
Formed in 1974, Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes came out of the same New Jersey bar club scene as his now legendary contemporary and friend Bruce Springsteen. Like him, Southside Johnny was inspired by the classic R&B and Rock & Roll sounds of the Fifties and Sixties and fronts a dynamic and...
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