From: BaebleMusic on Fri, Jul 15 2011 3:48 AM
Jesse Malin is no stranger to collaborating with big names. From guest performers such as Bruce Springsteen and Billie Joe Armstrong taking the stage with him to his European tour this past June with Ryan Adams, Jesse is always making headlines and his newest pairing doesn’t disappoint. In Jesse...
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Artist:Leo Bennink ( Vocal Version coming soon ) Music By:Leo Bennink Recorded : 5-6-2011Produced and mixed By:Leo Bennink all instruments :Leo Bennink ''NEW'',Download Leo Bennink Albums, Tracks and Songs,on the''ITUNES''store Th...
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From: YouTube on Sun, Jun 05 2011 3:34 PM
Upon Request!! Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - The Promise at The Boston Music Hall in Boston MA on May 31/1978 THE PROMISE [Spoken:] This is eh, this is called "The Promise". Well, Johnny works in a factory and Billy works downtown Terry works in a rock and roll band lookin' for th...
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more info @ and
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Lyrics: Thanks for checking out our videos and site!
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From: on Thu, Jun 02 2011 11:20 PM
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From: veehd on Thu, Jun 02 2011 6:33 PM
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Tot el documental a : The Promise: Así se Hizo Darkness on the Edge of Town - Bruce Springsteen
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From: YouTube on Wed, Jun 01 2011 7:52 PM
Here’s my take on Bruce Springsteen's "Two Faces" from his 1987 album, "Tunnel of Love." Lyrics: -------------------------------------------------------- I met a girl and we ran away I swore I'd make her happy every day And how I made her cry Two faces have I Sometimes mister I feel su...
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From: YouTube on Wed, Jun 01 2011 11:26 AM
All The Time (lyrics) -------------------- I did my scanning for a long long time I’m out of cigarettes and I'm out of wine But for your love I'll work overtime So come on pretty babe I need you all the time There ain't no beeps tellin' how I feel And I don't think my ram...
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Check out meal on mondays: collection @
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Private picture collection of the unbelievable event on the streets of Copenhagen in 1988. Sir Jojo, the lucky street-busker who got to play with Bruce, underplayed the collection with one of his own Icelandic folk songs, " Ástarinnar draumur", which was recorded in 2010 with participation of ma...
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From: YouTube on Mon, May 30 2011 5:29 PM
Carol Gomez (vocals), Nick Lim (piano) and Razip (upright bass) performing "Fire" at Paragon Shopping Centre, Level 1, Orchard Road on the afternoon of 22nd May 2011. Music En Vogue 16 to 29 May 2011 Relax your mind and soothe your soul while you shop to the delightful rhythm of great music and ...
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From: on Fri, May 27 2011 12:54 PM
Lady Gaga: Inside The Outside. Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Elton John and the Beatles were among the musical greats that the young Gaga drank in.
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fourmi, rihana, inception, leonardo, dicaprio, brad, kate, george, pitt, angelina, nicole, springsteen, bruce, bruce springsteen, matt, willis, damon, samuel, trailer, cameron, eastwood, quentin, fiction, nicolas, brad pitt, jack, titanic, penelope, freeman, cruise, kidman, cage, james, moss, ch...
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Bruce Springsteen was there on this night and he loved it!
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Artist:Leo Bennink & BlackJack, Feat.Lena Lewis(From Los Angeles) Bass:Leo Bennink , Drums:Lennart Salsbach Guitar:Tony,live 1983 ''NEW'',Download Leo Bennink Albums, Tracks and Songs,on the''ITUNES''store The high Quality AAC Mus...
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From: YouTube on Wed, May 11 2011 3:09 PM
Artist:Leo Bennink & BlackJack, Feat.Lena Lewis USA 1982 Live at The Winner Scheveningen, Bass: Leo Bennink Drums:Lennart Salsbach Guitar:Tony ''NEW'',Download Leo Bennink Albums, Tracks and Songs,on the''ITUNES''store The high Qu...
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From: YouTube on Wed, May 11 2011 3:02 PM
Ominous weather threatens our heroes' session with NY-Based drummer Brian Yost. David’s fear of Divine smiting is revealed, and a Rock-Fist is raised to Bruce Springsteen.
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