From: Vimeo on Tue, Jul 12 2011 4:50 AM
Secret Plans - Eagles of Death Metal Directed by Stuart Breadner Shot by Stuart Breadner & Jimmy Kane For more info: Purchase Eagles of Death Metal’s Heart On on iTunes (mp3): or on Amazon (CD): Special thanks Matt & Kat at Dangerbird Copyright 2010 Universal Mus...
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From: Vimeo on Fri, Jul 08 2011 9:05 PM
Catch this boys and girls basketball doubleheader at Southern Boone as the Eagles faced off against the North Callaway Thunderbirds.
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From: Vimeo on Fri, Jul 08 2011 12:00 PM
Highlights of the Super Eagles Of Nigeria at the Angola 2010 edition of the African Cup of nations . Nigeria finishes third with the bronze medals. With a couple of players added to the main squad some damages could be done in South Africa 2010 World Cup.
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From: Vimeo on Mon, May 02 2011 6:53 PM
Jenna Howerton, #4, is a midfielder and forward for the Pine Creek Eagles women’s soccer team.
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From: Vimeo on Mon, May 02 2011 9:42 AM
Hotel California - The Eagles (Farewell 1 Tour - Live From Melbourne 2005)
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From: Vimeo on Mon, May 02 2011 2:52 AM
April 12, 2010. The Pine Creek Eagles Women’s soccer team played cross town rivals, the Doherty Spartans. The game was complicated by winds gusting to 50 mph. This put a premium on possessing the ball which gave the edge to Pine Creek. The Eagles, playing against the wind, create nume...
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From: Vimeo on Sat, Jan 29 2011 7:19 AM
I have been watching this eagle & his mate for 7 years now. His name is Freedom & her name is Liberty. He is banded & she is not. I finally got his band number from photographs I have taken. He is a 17 year old male released in 1998 in St. Paul, MN after 13 weeks of rehab from a shooting in Mich...
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From: Vimeo on Tue, Jan 25 2011 10:58 AM
The Eagles were amazing! Musicianship at it’s best! Hotel California.... it gave me chills to hear this live after 30+ years of enjoying this song.
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From: Vimeo on Sat, Jan 22 2011 2:36 AM
Eagles - Hell Freezes Over DVD現場演出專輯 ~ 除了經典,還是經典~
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From: Vimeo on Fri, Jan 07 2011 10:10 AM
Hans Hoeg # 39 (White Jersey) Eagles Eagles vs. Falcons
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From: Vimeo on Sun, Jan 02 2011 6:07 AM
Un début de dispute dans les estrades entre un partisan des White Eagles et une partisane de l’Impact. Regardez le manque total de classe du partisan de l'équipe adverse qui accumule les "Ta Gueule" et les commentaires sexistes du style "Va faire la lessive". Tout ça à côté d'...
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From: Vimeo on Sat, Jan 01 2011 2:25 AM
Saw a cool little vid about stop motion animation, which inspired me to make a stopmotion, so i decided to make this one evening :) I’ve never made one before, this was my first try! Shot on a Nikon D60 18-200 Music: Wannabe in LA by The Eagles of Death Metal
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From: Vimeo on Thu, Nov 25 2010 4:37 PM
Minor league football
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From: Vimeo on Sat, Nov 06 2010 12:51 AM
Ryan Scott is back to chat with Luke Norman about the victory over the Eagles at Woodville on Fathers Day, securing our place in the finals, coming up against the Eagles again next Sunday at AAMI Stadium 12.10pm in the Elimination Final.
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From: Vimeo on Tue, Nov 02 2010 3:43 PM
Andrew Taylor - Football - McGregor Bulldogs vs. The Eagles 9-11-2010. Eagles won 14-12. Andrew had a TD catch and an interception.
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From: Vimeo on Thu, Oct 07 2010 9:14 PM
music class project
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From: Vimeo on Mon, Oct 04 2010 8:58 AM
And nearly have an heart attack during....
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From: Vimeo on Tue, Aug 10 2010 7:06 AM
- I read the news last night about former University of Michigan football player, Marlin Jackson rupturing his right Achilles Tendon in a practice facility for his new pro football team, the Philadelphia Eagles. Jackson had been with the Indianapolis Colts since being signed by them in 2005. He...
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From: Vimeo on Sun, Jul 25 2010 3:03 AM
OC Eagles beat the #2 team in the NAIA, Oklahoma Baptist, 64-58 inside the Eagles Nest. OBU coming into this game had only 1 loss in Conference with a record of 25-1. OC moves to 21-7 overall with 2 games left in the regular season.
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From: Vimeo on Sun, Jul 25 2010 2:38 AM
OC Eagles beat the #2 team in the NAIA Oklahoma Baptist 64-58 inside the Eagles Nest. OBU coming into this game had only 1 loss in Conference with a record of 25-1. OC moves to 21-7 overall with 2 games left in the regular season. Video Courtesy of Eagle Broadcasting
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