From: YouTube on Wed, Jun 01 2011 1:58 PM
Impressionen aus einem besonderen Gebiet am Fuße der frz. Pyrenäen, das bereits für Kelten, Merowinger, Templer und Katharer ein sehr bedeutsames spirituelles Einweihungszentrum war und auch heute eine besondere Kraft ausstrahlt. UFO-Sichtungen und paranormale Phänomene und die Erfahrung verände...
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From: YouTube on Mon, Mar 28 2011 11:10 PM
Tom Hiddleston Interview
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From: YouTube on Wed, Mar 09 2011 6:56 PM
The Eagle UK Premiere - Director Kevin MacDonald Interview
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From: YouTube on Fri, Mar 04 2011 5:39 AM
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Port Douglas, Australia by TravelPod blogger Amandaseims titled "Settling into Paradise" Amandaseims’s travel blog entry: "My first few days here I stayed in a hostel called Parrotfish, which I'd heard was very nice and I had some money o...
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From: YouTube on Wed, Mar 02 2011 7:49 AM
Lights! Camera! Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg
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From: YouTube on Mon, Feb 07 2011 8:52 PM
Paul World Premiere
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From: YouTube on Thu, Feb 03 2011 12:44 AM
February 02, 2011 - The legendary snowstorm of Twenty-eleven couldn’t shut down the filming of independent movie "Lies We Tell"... or could it... ? -------------------------------------------- My name isGavin Michael Booth and I'm on a mission to meet the Hollywood professionals that have i...
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From: YouTube on Mon, Jan 31 2011 8:54 PM
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From: YouTube on Sun, Jan 23 2011 12:18 AM
I had a few beers with my buddy Steven Spielberg and he gave me this idea for a film which features by younger brother.
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From: YouTube on Sat, Jan 01 2011 3:37 PM
New Year’s Eve dinner at home with good friends and then watching New Kids On The Block, Backstreet Boys and Dick Clarke as the ball drops... actually I don't remember seeing the ball drop... hmmm.... maybe it was the GIANT gin and tonic I was drinking? -----------...
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From: YouTube on Sun, Dec 19 2010 4:26 PM
ASAP Taxi, out in the snow, 19th December 2010. We are still there when the others have stayed in !!!! It was snowing when this video was taken although due to quality it cannot be seen ! Sorry about short vid length and subject, but we are taxi drivers. If you want a movie then check out Steven...
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From: YouTube on Sat, Sep 04 2010 10:07 PM
With help from his human friend Elliott, ET created a communication device using everyday objects from Elliott’s home. The device sends an emergency message across the galaxy to ET's home world, the Green Planet. "Help ET" is the message. This animated prop is featured in the queue of The E...
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From: YouTube on Mon, Aug 30 2010 7:04 AM
The War of the Worlds set at Universal Studios Hollywood
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From: YouTube on Sat, Aug 21 2010 5:36 PM
Norman Rokvel, koji je umro 1978, bio je jedan od najpoznatijih američkih umetnika 20. veka. Njegove ilustracije su se pojavljivale u reklamama, na kalendarima i naslovnim stranicama časopisa. Mnogi Amerikanci skupljaju umetnička dela Normana Rokvela, a među njima su i dvojica vodećih holivudski...
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From: YouTube on Thu, Jul 29 2010 3:06 PM
Astoria’s mayor Willis L. Van Duzen made his arrival at a VIP dinner event on Friday evening dressed appropriately in a black tuxedo and making sure that he had the attention of the room before introducing the celebrities in attendance. The mayor took the opportunity to make a special announcemen...
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From: YouTube on Tue, Jul 27 2010 9:16 PM
Universal Studios Singapore Lights, Camera, Action! hosted by Steven Spielberg
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From: YouTube on Sat, Jul 24 2010 2:13 AM
Video and Pictures of University of Southern California Film School. They call it the "Palace" because it is one of the best college buildings I have ever been in. The buildings were funded by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas so you can imagine what they would look like.
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From: YouTube on Thu, Jul 15 2010 7:51 AM
Slow Motion Ride Through on Jurassic Park River Adventure Universal Studios Hollywood Flume Ride. Length: 1900ft Drop: 85ft Recorded in 60P, played back at 30P.
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From: YouTube on Sat, Jul 10 2010 1:03 PM FiOS1 News Reporter Rob Petrone and’s Mark Levine go restaurant hopping through the Hamptons with longtime Hamptons resident and major foodie Steve Haweeli. For more on the restaurants we visited, check out Mark's write-up:
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From: YouTube on Thu, Jun 03 2010 8:43 PM
Jurassic Park River Adventure Universal Studios Hollywood Flume Ride just before sundown. Length: 1900ft Drop: 85ft Recorded with a Sony W290 + APKWB
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