From: YouTube on Wed, May 04 2011 11:43 AM
Officer Weldon explains how to eat jello shots; Rachael Ray style!
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From: YouTube on Sat, Apr 23 2011 4:16 PM
I have a laughing disorder. Directed/Filmed/Edited by Nathan Moore Featuring Tanya Chisholm
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From: YouTube on Sun, Mar 20 2011 12:00 AM
Look out, Rachael Ray!
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From: metacafe on Sat, Mar 12 2011 4:11 AM
Click on the link bellow to Watch Bruno Full Movie Online Free Bruno is a fashion star par excellence who brings his own unique brand of Austrian fashion to the United States, and finds himself neck-deep in style makers and major names. Look for Bruno to run into, among others, Rachael Ray and ...
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From: metacafe on Fri, Mar 11 2011 4:37 PM
Join Rachael Ray at the worlds hottest night spots as she shows you how to party for $100 A Night! See more celebrity parody profiles at
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From: metacafe on Fri, Mar 11 2011 4:37 PM
Join Rachael Ray for her newest tv show "Rachael Ray: $100 A Night" where she travels to the hottest party spots and shows you how you can party like a rockstar for $100 a night. This parody is brought to you by
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From: metacafe on Sun, Mar 06 2011 12:46 PM
Have you ever had a day when you just didn’t wanna do nothing? Well hilarious rapper ALLiTiZ with the help of Oprah Winfrey, Rachel Ray, and Marty McFly, take doing nothing to a whole new level in this super funny music video. LMFAO!
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From: Funny or Die on Wed, Mar 02 2011 7:37 PM
prison cooking with a murderer and a homo from ysofunny - Gutta and Primo escape from prison to produce their own cooking show. You can make an edible and scrumptious meal from the comfort of your cell.
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From: YouTube on Fri, Feb 11 2011 2:36 PM
Somewhere behind every craigslist ad, a puppet is pulling a new set of strings
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From: YouTube on Fri, Dec 24 2010 1:20 PM
She just can’t keep her hands off it.
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From: YouTube on Thu, Dec 09 2010 1:30 AM
While he acknowledges that luck was the principal factor in his success as a parent, Paul Eisenman is proud of his twins. Daughter Judy is president of a company that produces a line of food portage items under the Rachael Ray trademark and son Jed is the long-time manager of the Village Vanguar...
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From: YouTube on Sun, Dec 05 2010 2:19 AM
a beautiful tribute to our wonderful german class. and of course, Bürger John! hopefully it’s not too confusing, but basically, Jenny comes home from a hard day in English class and watches TV, and the most interesting commercials come on...including a solution to her language struggles.
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From: YouTube on Sun, Nov 21 2010 10:15 PM
I learned how to rotate a video now (my mistake: The last video was filmed properly, but the computer does not automatically rotate it onto itself like that merrr). Thanks for watching! More vids to come.
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From: Funny or Die on Tue, Oct 26 2010 9:48 PM
When I grow up, I wanna be just like this guy.
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From: YouTube on Sat, Sep 11 2010 12:52 AM
Here an updated video of Riley from the original Rachael Ray Parody, only this time, he’s Barbara Walters!!!
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From: YouTube on Wed, Aug 04 2010 5:34 AM
funny version of next food network star
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From: YouTube on Sat, Jul 10 2010 12:23 AM
I have (err...had) my own cooking show ! :D Some things went wrong..but oh well ! ENJOY :D Subscribe if you like this video :D
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From: YouTube on Thu, Jun 24 2010 1:23 AM
Another parody not to be taken seriously. If you do, man you have issues. Produced by Robert Hawkins
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From: YouTube on Fri, Jun 18 2010 9:54 PM
Another V-Log by Luke Nadur. Well lately on FormSpring we’ve been getting some weird this one where a guy asks me why the f*** i'm so fat. This question makes me feel uncomfortable and I go to the doctor to take some tests to find out if I am really fat... Watch to find out ...
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From: YouTube on Fri, Jun 18 2010 8:21 PM
This is my very first VLOG! (Luke Nadur) Exams are over! And I never want to see another book again! Neither do Robert and Bob. Will they own Rachael Ray and stop anyone from reading her books ever again??? Watch and find out! Thanks to John Abed and Dominic Potter. Want your idea to be the theme...
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