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A homeowner’s station in life and personal spending beliefs and habits are important indicators of the borrower's potential for home-mortgage default, say researchers in the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Business. "Our research has shown that a borrower's...
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A Connecticut-based company created an unscented, environmentally-friendly way to keep your home and personal belongings feeling fresh.
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Primera Generación (parte II)
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The American Dream of owning a home is becoming a reality for dozens of families thanks to a new housing project in the East County.
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Minneapolis residents impacted by the recent tornado are now receiving letters from the city telling them of possible sanctions if they don’t get their property cleaned up and repaired soon.
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Vanessa is now offering personal training sessions via Skype and Gmail. If you have a computer and a webcam, Vanessa can train you right in your own home at a fraction of the cost of getting a personal trainer to come to your home. She specializes in Pilates, Kettlebells, Body weight training a...
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3406 Palm Beach Blvd Fort Myers 239-533-7500
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Rick Reagan has you considering refinancing your home.
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stay-at-home dad hires a personal trainer from greykitchen and robert kitchen - Stay-at-home Dad hires a Personal Trainer to get his kids into peak condition for the summer.
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-Hi, I’m Wendy. A new kind of pain opens up endless possibilities to personalize your home, but there's to painting than just dipping your brush in the can. Let's get started. After, you've opened a can of pain, punch a series of holes around the bottom of the paint cans rim with ...
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Pastor Rudy preaches on personal revival.
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Voice mail concept we created for our client Help the Aged. Personal portfolio work.
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“As we have physical science to create external well-being there is a whole inner dimension of science to create inner well being. I call it Inner Engineering.” - SADHGURU Inner Engineering is offered as an intensive program for personal growth. The program and its environment establish the poss...
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Now that the Photoshop document is complete and all slicing is finalized, the development can take place. Laying out the XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript for my personal portfolio’s Home page.
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Sorry to anyone whos picture is in this but its all about the funny.
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good news for people looking to sell a house. home prices are on the rise in the united states.
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Trailer for the documentary 100 Voices: A Journey Home. 100 Voices: A Journey Home is a compelling and moving musical documentary that uniquely tells the history of Jewish culture in Poland. It highlights the current resurgence of Jewish culture through the personal reflections and music...
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