From: YouTube on Fri, Jun 03 2011 10:45 PM
All you need to know about radiosity in 30min! A full tutorial/commentary about radiosity This method is fully CPU and un-optimized code This is only for educational services and may not be used for commercial purposes without my consent Happy coding :D
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From: YouTube on Sun, May 29 2011 10:56 PM
*READ* Mediafire Link: Download the file in the Windows operating system you need to activate before it expires in 30 days. Extract and READ THE README FILE! Instructions are very simple. The whole process should not take longer than 30 seconds lol. If you don’t trust this, the...
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From: YouTube on Sun, May 22 2011 8:18 AM
like, you, phone, mobile, kelly, without, cell, nokia, because, clarkson, would, without you, kelly clarkson, life, because you, loved, would you, singing
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From: metacafe on Mon, Mar 14 2011 2:33 PM
Tuesdays are generally one of my most favorite days of the week and that’s because it's typically an "Apple announcements" day and American Idol is on TV. Yesterday (Tuesday, March 10th), two sources close to the Dow Jones leaked a report that the Apple netbook is indeed true. We have the d...
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From: YouTube on Sun, Jan 16 2011 8:20 PM
Thanks for watching. There are 2 reasons why I picked this song 1. I love this song 2.I have hazel/green eyes!
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From: YouTube on Mon, Sep 20 2010 1:09 AM
This is a video of avatars singing, Already gone by Kelly Clarkson! The sound is a little weird, but I hope you like it anyway! Enjoy NickelPickle121
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From: YouTube on Wed, Aug 18 2010 9:51 AM
just for you guys to know i did not do any copywritting on this video.
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From: YouTube on Thu, Jul 22 2010 12:57 AM
Kelly The Echidna. Yay! Drawing Sonic stuff is FUN!!! =D
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From: YouTube on Sun, Jun 20 2010 2:28 AM
Nice storm in Springfield, MO
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From: YouTube on Sat, Jun 19 2010 12:16 PM
Trying to mime to Kelly Clarkson’s, I do not hook up that went TERRIBLY wrong. Although i think wrong is an understatement! Enjoy :D
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From: YouTube on Sun, May 23 2010 7:15 PM
I admire Clarkson and her songs i enjoy singing them so i thought i’d singing her song.
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From: YouTube on Thu, Apr 15 2010 11:13 AM
This is a remix of Kelly Clarksons "Breakaway". When commenting, please bear in mind that this is my first mix using FL Studio so go easy on me :)
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From: YouTube on Thu, Apr 08 2010 8:05 AM
yea, doing what i some love, it gets better i promise you...thanks
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From: YouTube on Thu, Mar 11 2010 3:51 AM
beautiful disaster cover
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From: YouTube on Sat, Feb 27 2010 6:21 PM
Beautiful Disaster by Kelly Clarkson. There’s quite a bit of messups, but its fairly decent. Enjoy!
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From: YouTube on Tue, Feb 02 2010 1:04 AM
was feelin down and bored
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From: YouTube on Fri, Jul 10 2009 6:06 PM
Arent I amazing!!!! ok ,everyone, just letting you know, I know I was terrible... and this is the time where you disagree! I say " oh, I wasent that great" and You say " dont worry, you worry terrific"! (I did not make this song, Kelly Clarkson did) ... webcam video RoseyPosey1231
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From: iTunes on Fri, Mar 13 2009 1:17 PM
Dow Jones sources "confirm" Apple’s netbook rumor and here are the details. American Idol releases an iPhone/iPod app and we have Kelly Clarkson here!
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