From: YouTube on Wed, Mar 23 2011 4:35 AM
Paul Acevedo reviews Women’s Murder Club for Windows Phone 7. It's an Xbox Live game that was developed by Vivid Games and published by I-Play. Read the full review at
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From: YouTube on Tue, Mar 22 2011 9:43 PM
James Patterson CENTURY 21 Patterson Agency
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From: YouTube on Mon, Mar 21 2011 9:12 PM
Twitter: Facebook: Aaron telling YOU guys about his most embarrassing moment. Have a Vlog suggestion? Type it down below. Have an embarrassing moment (long story/short) you want to share? make a video response or comment below. Questions? COMMENT BELOW. Don’t worry, ...
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From: YouTube on Mon, Mar 21 2011 11:27 AM
Posible ba na ang dalawang lahing magkaaway na mula pa sa simula ay makakaroon ng isang relasyon liban sa kanilang sitwasyon? Chance Encounter Kape, Tango at James Patterson Novels Courtesy of ABS-CBN Source :
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From: YouTube on Mon, Mar 21 2011 11:05 AM
A sample of using FrameForge to prototype a movie
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From: TV Guide on Sun, Mar 20 2011 9:34 AM
Created by author James Patterson in conjunction with award-winning game designer Jane Jensen, this original storyline will have players on the edge of their seats.
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From: YouTube on Sun, Mar 20 2011 1:12 AM
I did this for an LA project. It’s from my book report on the book "Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment" by James Patterson. This took a lot of effort so I hope you enjoy! Also, you can visit the blog that I used for my entire book report by clicking the link below: advancedreadingnews.blogspot.c...
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From: YouTube on Sat, Mar 19 2011 11:15 AM
My Tribute to the best book and great Manga series "Maximum Ride" by James Patterson/NaRae Lee. Some pictures with the song "Sign" by Flow (6th Naruto Shippuuden Op btw), cause I really love it and I think it’s really fitting with Maximum Ride. So, rate, comment and subscribe! :) Fly On, CrowDei96
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From: YouTube on Sat, Mar 19 2011 10:24 AM
James Patterson’s newest book, Toys, is out now. Pick up your copy today, to find out what happens in this thrilling new novel by one of the world's best-selling authors. The one with the most toys...dies.
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From: YouTube on Sat, Mar 19 2011 5:09 AM
6 beds 4.2 baths James Patterson Patterson Agency
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From: YouTube on Fri, Mar 18 2011 11:55 PM
Max’s other half... song - Monster Artist - Skillet Album - Awake Release - 2009 SUBSCRIBE! 8D
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From: YouTube on Thu, Mar 17 2011 11:07 PM
James Patterson, Robert Ludlum, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Steig Larsson, John Grisham, Ken Follett, Justin Cronin, Dan Brown and JK Rowling
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From: YouTube on Thu, Mar 17 2011 1:23 PM
James Patterson talks about his newest novel, Toys. Pick up your copy today and find out more about the future world of Toys and special agent Hays Baker.
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From: YouTube on Thu, Mar 17 2011 7:16 AM
The first of two original stories this volume takes place between books one and two of the prose novels.
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From: YouTube on Wed, Mar 16 2011 8:58 PM
This is a song I composed for the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson, for which a film adaption will be released soon.
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From: YouTube on Wed, Mar 16 2011 3:54 PM
A commercial for the book "Angel" by James Patterson. (special thanks to Adam!)
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From: YouTube on Wed, Mar 16 2011 1:30 AM Marcus Williams and Francis Ackerman Jr. both have a talent for hurting people. Marcus, a former New York City homicide detective, uses his abilities to protect others, while Ackerman uses his gifts to inflict pain and suffering. When both men become unwilling pawns in a conspi...
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From: YouTube on Tue, Mar 15 2011 9:38 AM Women’s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet is a unique blend of seek and find, light adventure and puzzle games combined with an all new tale from America's #1 storyteller
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From: YouTube on Tue, Mar 15 2011 8:30 AM Best-selling author James Patterson brings mystery fans an original, interactive and thrilling adventure filled with scandalous discoveries.
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From: YouTube on Tue, Mar 15 2011 6:09 AM Regina Blacklock, celebrated true-crime author and friend of the Women’s Murder Club, is famous for uncovering the truth.
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