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"air quotes" - mikey gleason at helium comedy club from mikey gleason - Comedian Mikey Gleason performs his joke about the overuse of "air quotes" or "fake quotation marks." Recorded June 2011 at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia as part of the Philly’s Phunniest Person Contest. For mo...
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the room: "i did not hit her." from tubulargoldmine - Oh hi, terrible movie. Just one of the many amazing lines from "The Room."
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From: YouTube on Tue, Jun 07 2011 7:35 AM and http If you like the best love success quotes you’ll enjoy this positive quotations video featuring great quotes from the likes of Ingrid Bergman, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Bil Keane, Audrey Hepburn, Robert Browning, Thomas Carlyle and more motivating sayings all backed with a ...
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quote for june 6 2011. follow me on twitter @justajcc. got a quote for me go ahead and comment it on. peace youtube.
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Brion, and I are doing a series about funny quotes. Please post the quotes below. If it’s good enough we'll share it on one of our videos.
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Thanks to for the quotes. To be fair, Mr. Romney might argue that his positions are not contradictory.
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Visit This is NOT the 10 funniest movie quotes. This is 10 FUNNY quotes. Here are the movies 10. The Ghost Breakers9. Young Frankenstein 8. Napoleon Dynamite7. When Harry Met Sally6. Airplane5. Anchorman4. Troll 23. Napoleon Dynamite2. Shark Attack 31. Airplane
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The top 10 facts about Chuck Norris
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i love that comment xD
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Subscribe, Rate, and Favorite if you like Popsicles....
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Funny quotes and sayings with a lil music
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Subscribe for news updates every 10 minutes. Like/Dislike, Favorite, Comment, Embed on Blog, Facebook Share, and Tweet this video. Get the word out on this video. Get an email once a day Like on Facebook to get updates Follow on Twitter to get updates - Friday...
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the very funny collection of family guy episode quotes. there will probably be a part 2 on this, there might as well be a part 2
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Greatest 140 quotes from James Bond 007.
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From: YouTube on Fri, Jun 03 2011 8:47 AM [ Listening Quotes ] Affiliate Silver Bullet. Earn Profits Like Never Before. On Complete Autopilot. For a *Free* exciting report!! - Click this link now . And simply enter your first name. And you email address. Listening Quotes "If you make listening and observation yo...
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Coworkers, problems, help, touching, a bit funny
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Montana Tech football Coach Bob Green’s best moments when the camera was rolling during the 2009 season.
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Shaq Announces Retirement On Twitter,Considering how much he loves Twitter, it’s no surprise that Shaq's retirement came courtesy of his favorite form of social media (that we're aware of; he might be the Mayor of Cleveland on FourSquare for all we know). Currently a team member on the...
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Nobody can get through to this guy.
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