From: ClipSyndicate on Thu, Jun 30 2011 10:22 AM
Surfer Laird Hamilton comes to the Ocean State
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From: YouTube on Wed, Jun 08 2011 11:30 PM
THE PERFECT SUMMER SONG! Surfing by Laid Hamilton (that’s not us actually surfing! ;). The original version of Try, recorded at Powerhouse Studios, Camden, NJ. Keith Atkinson - Guitars, Mark Newman - Bass, Bob Nolen - Drums, Rob Sobol - Vocals and keyboards. Produced by Social Voyeurs. Engineer ...
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From: YouTube on Wed, Jun 08 2011 3:34 AM
Laird Hamilton & Gabrielle Reece on World Ocean Day June 8th, 2011 explain the simple solution to plastic pollution in the Ocean which is to REFUSE disposable plastics everyday. Happy World Ocean Day! Join us at
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From: YouTube on Tue, Jun 07 2011 6:13 PM
Copyright Law of the United States of America Section 107: The fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom ...
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From: YouTube on Mon, Jun 06 2011 5:59 PM
Why DO you fall in love with surfing? :)
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From: YouTube on Sat, Jun 04 2011 12:15 AM
What would SUP be without a montage. Laird no doubt led the way to motivating the people who have paid it forward to me: Rich, Mark, Haley, Ian, Jeff and Cassandra. Attached is a tribute to my stoke, Laird and our shared commitment to autism. As the parent of a beautiful son (on the spectrum) th...
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From: YouTube on Thu, Jun 02 2011 8:18 PM
Fan-made music video of "Big Wave," from Pearl Jam’s 2006 self-titled album using found surfing footage. Words by Eddie Vedder, music by Jeff Ament, recorded by Pearl Jam, and produced by Adam Kaspar. http Get involved: The surfin...
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From: YouTube on Wed, Jun 01 2011 6:25 AM
Music written by Stephen Counts/Jason Finnern
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From: YouTube on Tue, May 31 2011 2:43 AM
Ive just started surfing so I put together my fave big surf clips and pics!
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From: YouTube on Mon, May 30 2011 12:52 PM
Raw footage of Laird Hamilton and friends on the job out circuit style doing intense reps, weight, and workload. Seen in video with Laird; Jason Winn, Chris Gough, cage Parker, and Tom Jones
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From: YouTube on Thu, May 26 2011 1:28 AM
Practical to Tactical History Channel host Hunter Ellis is a jet fighter pilot that tested the PowerSki JetBoards Tactical Assault craft with Inventor, Bob Montgomery. Seal Team 4 in training with the cross between Jet rocketpack and high performance surfboard power.
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From: YouTube on Wed, May 25 2011 10:37 PM
Extreme JetBoards on Gillette World Sport on United Kingdom television highlighting patented JETBOARD TECHNOLOGY. Inventor, Bob Montgomery, Co-founder, Jim Walker and Team Rider, "Rad" Chad Montgomery discuss the unique G-FORCE effect of the PowerSki JetBoard including the Shape of FUN to Come. ...
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From: YouTube on Tue, May 24 2011 10:16 PM
Whether it’s paddling out with surfboarding legend Laird Hamilton, moving for politician successful a pre-meltdown California, Oregon feeding meal with Rudy Giuliani on the antemeridian of September 11, 2001, Bill Simon has a bent for beingness successful the in-between of the action.In 2002, me...
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From: YouTube on Fri, May 20 2011 1:21 AM
Motorized Surfboard JETBOARD TECHNOLOGY has been developed by the HydroForce Group Partners, Inventor, Bob Montgomery and Co-Founder, Jim Walker to bring the new sport of powered jetboarding to the masses. Aerospace, boating, motorcycle and personal watercraft technology has come together with t...
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From: YouTube on Thu, May 19 2011 6:49 PM
Colourful and Fast moving
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From: Amazon on Tue, May 17 2011 4:47 PM
Melody Barnes, White House Domestic Policy Adviser; Laird Hamilton & Susan Casey
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From: Amazon on Tue, May 17 2011 8:28 AM
Jimmy Carter, Former President of the United States;A look at 'The Social Network' with director David Fincher and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin
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From: YouTube on Sat, May 14 2011 4:11 PM
Some impressions from Hawaii 2011 with the Legend LAIRD HAMILTON, I met him at the Airport. thanks Laird for this Moment. Surfing at NORTH Shore. Big Waves. Windsurfing Jason Polakow and Marcilio Browne at Hookipa. Windsurfing with the new matrial Fanatic and North Sails ICE CODE Mad. Late Sessi...
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From: YouTube on Fri, May 13 2011 6:35 PM
Check out the best of the 2nd stop of the OXBOW Totally Bananas Tour in Guincho, Portugal.
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From: YouTube on Fri, May 13 2011 10:26 AM
Nutrilite, WH, Text, 2
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