From: TV Guide on Sat, Jul 09 2011 7:15 PM
Get a glimpse of Ben Stiller’s early years in this acclaimed but short-lived comedy series. With co-stars Janeane Garofalo, Andy Dick and Bob Odenkirk, Stiller's groundbreaking sketch comedy series won an Emmy with its spot-on showbiz parodies of movies, television, music and more. Get read...
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From: Hulu on AOL on Fri, Jul 08 2011 3:10 AM
The weekend box office results are in and we look at the premiere of Falling Skies, the finales of The Killing and Game of Thrones and check out Misfits and the daytime Emmys
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From: Vimeo on Fri, Jul 08 2011 12:04 AM
PARTUS FILMS . THURS JUN 30. 2011 The short film/music video provides a visceral account of a poet’s mind/body relationship, mediated through his prose and the language of story. Shot in the subways and busy streets of Montreal, the video was designed to subvert a voyeuristic and often conformi...
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From: Amazon on Wed, Jul 06 2011 10:14 AM
With an emphasis on Airbrush Techniques for Higher Definition. Emmy-winning makeup artist (for Star Trek: Voyager’s Threshold), Bradley Look, takes you behind the scenes of the Hollywood makeup artistry to show how to airbrush more effectively, in the growing age of High Definition format, using...
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From: iTunes on Mon, Jul 04 2011 5:23 PM
Julie Harris (Academy Award? and eleven time Emmy? nominee) takes viewers into Emily Dickinson’s everyday world in a small New England town to couple and contrast facts about the poet with her extraordinary, original insights. Dickinson led a reclusive life in her father's mansion in Amhers...
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From: Vimeo on Sun, Jul 03 2011 4:41 PM
The teaser of my thesis documentary, "Pizzo," about Sicilians fighting Mafia extortion. The film won a student Emmy and an IDA nomination for best student documentary, among other awards. An edited version of "Pizzo" aired nationally on PBS as the lead story of the January 2009 FRONTLINE/World b...
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From: on Sat, Jul 02 2011 8:15 AM
Season 7, Episode 3 — Originally aired on November 27th, 2005 * The Top Gear crew heads to that new huge bridge in sothern France — Jeremy in his Ford GT, Richard in a Pagani Zonda S, and James in a Ferrari F430 * In the news: Top Gear won an Emmy, some weird fish car, Lamborghini Galla...
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From: The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Fri, Jul 01 2011 7:09 AM
If you’ve ever wondered what it's like to win an Emmy, this is the perfect video for you! One of Ellen's staffers brought her camera on stage to accept the award for Outstanding Entertainment...
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From: TV Guide on Thu, Jun 30 2011 12:00 PM
Season 1: Emmy-award winner Jack Hanna is back with some amazing animals like a clouded leopard and an arctic fox.
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From: XFINITY TV on Thu, Jun 30 2011 1:11 AM
Emmy-award winner Jack Hanna is back with some amazing animals like a clouded...
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From: NBC Sports on Tue, Jun 28 2011 2:21 PM
During 'The Next 24,' The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza tells NBC's Andrea Mitchell about his award. (Mitchell Reports)
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From: CBS on Mon, Jun 27 2011 10:36 PM
Tomorrow, "The Talk" is all new and live with Emmy winner Alfre Woodard! Plus, actor Mekhi Phifer visits.
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From: TV Guide on Sun, Jun 26 2011 11:37 AM
Who says you have to read to understand what’s going on in the world? Not Sergio Cilli. For his The Big Picture segment, Sergio gets all the news he needs to know just by looking at photos. This week he treats host Brett Erlich to his ill-formed opinions on John Edwards, President Obama and the ...
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From: XFINITY TV on Sat, Jun 25 2011 2:48 PM
Daytime Emmy winner - outstanding younger actor, outstanding supporting actress,...
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From: iTunes on Sat, Jun 25 2011 1:56 PM
Jane Lynch is an actress and singer. Lynch has won an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award for her role as Sue Sylvester in Glee, and has reached cult icon status for her roles in comedies Best in Show, The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Role Models. Lynch’s new book, Happy Accidents, is a memo...
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From: Hulu on Mon, Jun 20 2011 8:17 PM
TODAY’s Matt Lauer announced that the broadcast was honored for three 2010 Emmy Awards on Friday including the Emmy for Outstanding Morning Program.
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From: XFINITY TV on Sun, Jun 19 2011 6:56 PM
Check out Betty White’s interview on the red carpet!
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From: XFINITY TV on Sat, Jun 18 2011 1:30 PM
Check out The Kardashians' interview on the red carpet!
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From: XFINITY TV on Sat, Jun 18 2011 1:30 PM
Check out Piers Morgan interview on the red carpet!
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From: IMDb on Sat, Jun 18 2011 10:03 AM
Blinded — Based on the true story of Reena, an artist who loses her eyesight, and the man who loved her. I play her best friend Miriam. Directed by Emmy-winner Jeffrey Kramer.
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