From: Modelinia on Wed, Jul 13 2011 12:43 AM
From horseback riding to haunted houses, Sigail Currie explores all that Montego Bay and Negril have to offer.
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From: Modelinia on Wed, Jun 29 2011 11:25 AM
Sigail Currie is your guide to the historical treasures and musical legends of Kingston, Jamaica.
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Learn why Julia Stegner has a special place in her heart for Proenza Schouler.
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Rising star Martha Streck talks about her recent jobs and how she keeps a clear head.
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Find out who’s studying psychology, who hates the financial district, and which model is Jourdan Dunn's BFF.
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Learn how Ajak Deng got her start in the modeling industry and what propelled her to change her hair color.
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Take a behind the scenes tour of Heidi Klum’s newest television show, Seriously Funny Kids.
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Kalyn Hemphill sits down with makeup artist Kerry Malouf to learn the simple steps for creating a beautiful natural look.
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Kalyn Hemphill peruses the makeup aisle with her BFF and top makeup artist Kerry Malouf, and learns how to choose great makeup from the department store.
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Experience a day in the life of top model Lyndsey Scott, and find out her secret to long-lasting, luminous eye makeup.
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Modelinia tags along with Karolina Kurkova to find out what it takes to be in the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.
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Go back in time with girls in the beauty business as they recall their first memories magical mascara.
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Meet New Zealand Native: Grace Hollows
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Learn how Runway Reliefer Hil Anderson racked up 197,440 steps for the CFDA Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative.
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Modelinia went behind the scenes with Adriana Lima, who will wear the $3 million fantasy bra in this year’s Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
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High school sophomore Kristen Knapp may be a newcomer on the fashion scene, but she’s taking the industry by storm. Find out how this Runway Reliefer went from scholar to supermodel in just the blink of an eye.
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Walk a mile in Runway Reliefer Hannah Johnson’s shoes.
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Designer Rachel Roy discusses her collaboration with top model and fashion icon Jessica Stam. Get ready to covet Stam’s classic yet spunky designs as well as her effortless instincts when it comes to style.
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DJ Rene Arsenault’s spot-on taste in tunes is in style every season, which is why he spins for the hottest runways at New York Fashion Week. Find out how he mastered his craft as an acoustical stylist as well as the top 3 music artists you don’t know about but should.
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From: Modelinia on Wed, Sep 22 2010 5:40 AM
Designer Thakoon discusses his appreciation for Frederic Fekkai Lead Stylist Didier Malige’s creativity and vision in creation the perfect coif to suit his collection.
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