From: Channel 9 on Thu, Mar 24 2011 2:12 PM
Recently, UX legend Bill Buxton was in town and stopped by to share what he’s been up to. In this video, he discusses how integrated devices with things that "just work together," UX, and touch might all be in our lives to a much larger degree in the near future. This is a short conversation wit...
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From: Channel 9 on Thu, Mar 24 2011 11:36 AM
Trigger started services are services in Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 that can register to be started or stopped when a trigger event occurs. This eliminates the need for services to start when the system starts, or for services to poll or actively wait for an event; a service can start w...
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From: Channel 9 on Wed, Mar 23 2011 7:40 PM
The Parallel Computing Concurrency Runtime team write tools for the C++ community that make it easier to write reliable, performant and scalable concurrent and parallel code. In this conversation, Mike Chu , Dana Groff, Artur Laksberg, and Vinod Koduvayoor Subramanian talk about their la...
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From: Channel 9 on Wed, Mar 23 2011 2:32 PM
Scott’s at the Intel Agile Conference today and got the chance to talk to Rally Software's Agile Fellow Jean Tabaka about why your project sometimes needs time to fail and whether we need both internships and a formal track within Software Development.Jean is a Certified ScrumMaster and Prac...
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From: Channel 9 on Wed, Mar 23 2011 1:02 PM
Jeff Derstadt is a developer on the Entity Framework team, and in this video Erik visits Jeff to learn more about what he does day to day. Jeff and Erik talk about programming data, generally, and the Entity Framework development model, specifically. We learn about how Jeff got into software dev...
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From: Channel 9 on Tue, Mar 22 2011 7:46 PM
Laura was out this week so Channel 9 favorite, Clint Rutkas stepped in to deliver all the hottest news coming out of Microsoft. Enjoy:Paul’s SECRET Project (System Center Advisor)!Kodu offers PrizesKinect HACK= Evil GeniusKEXP takes it to the cloud
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From: Channel 9 on Tue, Mar 22 2011 5:36 PM
@MarkDeFalco joins the show today to talk about his job as the web guru for the MIX conference (Oh, the pressure!). From the front-end marketing site to the back-end tooling, and of course we haven’t forgotten about that oh so awesome Odata feed, Mark describes his role as the person who is alwa...
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From: Channel 9 on Tue, Mar 22 2011 4:02 PM
We know what Steve Ballmer wanted for Valentine’s Day! In this episode, learn about AccessLove, an Access Web Database application built by three Access team members, as well as a few tips and tricks for making beautiful Access web applications.For more information about Access Web Databases, ch...
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From: Channel 9 on Mon, Mar 21 2011 9:45 PM
Each week, Hot Apps will feature five of the hottest Windows Phone 7 apps. In this episode, Laura takes a look at:Burn It All Lunchbox Urban Dictionary Simon Apict Please leave suggestions for hot apps that should be featured in the comments section, thanks!
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From: Channel 9 on Mon, Mar 21 2011 6:05 PM
Graham Calladine, Security Architect with Microsoft Services, provides detailed description of Windows Azure Connect, a new mechanism for establishing, managing and securing IP-level connectivity between on-premises and Windows Azure resources.You’ll learn about:Potential usage scenarios of Wind...
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From: Channel 9 on Mon, Mar 21 2011 3:46 PM
In this episode of the SharePoint Sideshow, Donovan has a conversation with Girish Raja, Technical Evangelist, about Dynamics CRM. You might ask, How does Dynamics CRM have any relationship with SharePoint and Office? That’s where the power of the Dynamics CRM story comes in. Built with deep int...
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From: Channel 9 on Mon, Mar 21 2011 2:21 PM
This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian discuss the week’s top developer news, including:[00:32] Charles Torre - Recap post of the best IE9 videos on Channel 9 [01:44] Expression Web SP1 includes IE9 support including Super Preview, HTML code view support, and CSS 3 [02:34] Duncan Mackenzie - New ...
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From: Channel 9 on Mon, Mar 21 2011 2:18 PM
You’ve been asking for it and here it is. I've put together some sample code showing how you can use WF4 with ASP.NET and do it the right way... the fast way with async calls.For more info see this blog postRon Jacobs Twitter: @ronljacobs
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From: Channel 9 on Sun, Mar 20 2011 4:10 AM
Jamie Shotton is one of the inventors of Human Skeletal Tracking—he works in Microsoft Research Cambridge and dropped by the states, and our studio, to chat about this great invention. Human skeletal tracking employed in Kinect is a great example of collaboration between MSR and Microsoft produc...
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From: Channel 9 on Fri, Mar 18 2011 4:55 PM
Microsoft Lync and the UC platform SDKs, such as Unified Communications Managed API (UCMA) 3.0 SDK, are changing the way we communicate and collaborate by providing a platform to integrate communications and presence capabilities into existing business solutions. Terry Gold, CEO of Gold Systems,...
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From: Channel 9 on Fri, Mar 18 2011 1:33 PM
Join Wade and Steve each week as they cover the Windows Azure Platform. You can follow and interact with the show @CloudCoverShow.In this episode, Steve and Wade talk through how to use Windows Azure Table Storage from an ASP.NET MVC 3 application. Steve shows us some tricks for using ASP.NET MV...
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From: Channel 9 on Thu, Mar 17 2011 4:12 PM
In this video, I interview a couple of LightSwitch team members, Mike Droney (Tester) and Sheel Shah (PM), as they walk me through a real application that was built for our Admins in order to track hardware assets across the developer division. Mike and Sheel talk about the requirement gathering...
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From: Channel 9 on Thu, Mar 17 2011 2:02 PM
When thinking about businesses, large or small, it can be easy to lose sight of the individual. For the individuals within those companies, it can be difficult to see the role they play in the big picture and how their personal journey might fit in. For individuals outside those companies, also ...
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From: Channel 9 on Thu, Mar 17 2011 12:28 PM
Struggling with using or logging on Windows Phone 7? Then you might want to learn about Phoney, a new open source project by Shawn Wildermuth that will be at Open Source Fest at MIX11 on April 11th. Shawn walks through the features that Phoney contains, including his Bitly helper, system ...
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From: Channel 9 on Wed, Mar 16 2011 10:51 PM
You may have recently heard Jane McGonigal on NPR or even watched her on Comedy Centrals "The Colbert Report". She has recently written a book titled "Reality is Broken". Why games make us better and how they can change the world now. I talk to her about her book, her research and her mission to...
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