From: BBC News on Mon, Jul 11 2011 7:07 AM
Earnings season starts in the US - but are cash rich companies creating any extra jobs for the people who need it most?
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From: BBC News on Wed, Jul 06 2011 5:39 AM
The US blog-led news site The Huffington Post is launching its UK edition on Wednesday.
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From: BBC News on Tue, Jul 05 2011 12:49 PM
Kenneth Rogoff, leading US economist tells BBC’s Business Daily that "it would be better if Greece were to announce it will not pay back its creditors."
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From: BBC News on Sat, Jul 02 2011 5:22 AM
Egypt has seen foreign investment drop by almost a third in the first three months of this year, as overseas businesses grew nervous about the political future of the country.
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From: BBC News on Fri, Jul 01 2011 3:07 PM
Members of the public react to the opening of a gold bar vending machine, the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, in London.
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From: BBC News on Fri, Jul 01 2011 2:51 AM
Legislation aimed at making it easier to prosecute companies who make corrupt payments abroad has come into force.
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From: BBC News on Fri, Jul 01 2011 1:45 AM
Japan’s manufacturers become pessimistic about their growth prospects, but expect conditions to improve in the coming months.
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From: BBC News on Fri, Jul 01 2011 1:45 AM
Thailand’s election takes place on Sunday, with voters particularly concerned about the rising cost of living.
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From: BBC News on Thu, Jun 30 2011 11:35 AM
The government has criticised a call by the European Commission for a 5% increase in the EU budget as "completely unrealistic".
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From: BBC News on Mon, Jun 27 2011 5:05 AM
Officials from China, Japan and South Korea meet to discuss a possible free trade deal.
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From: BBC News on Sun, Jun 26 2011 2:39 PM
The Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao, has been visiting the MG car plant at Longbridge near Birmingham, which is owned by a Chinese company.
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From: BBC News on Sun, Jun 26 2011 2:10 AM
Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao arrives in the UK for the UK-China Strategic Summit.
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From: BBC News on Sat, Jun 25 2011 10:08 PM
Gold prices are close to record highs of more than $1,500 (£940) an ounce but despite the rise sales of gold bars and ingots across the Middle East have risen by 10% so far this year.
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From: BBC News on Tue, Jun 21 2011 12:27 AM
There are concerns that a fall in the price of saffron will lead Afghan famers to switch to opium cultivation
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From: BBC News on Thu, Jun 16 2011 11:03 PM
The helicopter company Eurocopter has installed a full-size simulator to train pilots and crews that fly out to the rigs.
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From: BBC News on Fri, Jun 10 2011 11:26 AM
The Ecuadorian minister for planning and development, Rene Ramirez, has told the BBC about his plans to reform his country’s economy.
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From: BBC News on Wed, Jun 08 2011 8:26 AM
Nissan has announced that workers in Britain will design, engineer and build the next version of the best-selling Nissan Qashqai.
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From: BBC News on Mon, Jun 06 2011 8:12 AM
A number of big drug companies have announced substantial price cuts for life saving vaccines paid by people in developing countries.
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From: BBC News on Sat, Jun 04 2011 5:52 AM
There have been predictions this week that the UK could become a nation of tenants, as buying a house becomes ever more difficult.
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From: BBC News on Fri, Jun 03 2011 11:57 AM
Betfred wins auction for state-owned bookmaker Tote with £265m deal
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